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Free Verse Revolution:

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Editor’s note from Issue IV: hades (the unseen)

It is with a heart full of joy that I present Free Verse Revolution’s final
issue of 2021. It has been a busy and incredibly rewarding inaugural
year transitioning from an online blog to a literary and arts magazine.
We have released four issues which, combined, have been
downloaded more than one thousand times. We have shared long
loved voices as well as new voices, artists and photographers. We will
begin 2022 celebrating this past year with a print anthology, which
you shall all know about soon enough!

But, without further ado, here is Issue IV: hades (the unseen). Our
final foray (at least for now) into the Olympian pantheon showcases
an array of writers and creators who have tapped into the themes of
the unknown, loss, death, love and fear to syphon off humanity at its
most vulnerable. Issue…

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