Reflections on Black Friday

Wordsmiths for XR

by XR Wordsmiths

Rob Renouf

One meaning of the word “consume” is to destroy – something that anyone happy to be labelled as a consumer might do well to reflect on. Excess consumption is a major driver of the climate and ecological emergency and Black Friday is arguably where it finds its most extreme expression. We are destroying the natural world directly through our use of raw materials and indirectly through climate change resulting from resource and energy consumption. Current levels of resource usage are unsustainable – our consumption is destroying our only home and all the life upon it.

People often ask what they can do to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency, but this is potentially the wrong question; in relation to Black Friday a better question is “what should I not do?”; the answer – consume. Pointing the finger at individuals is a tactic often used…

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