The World’s Most Remote Island: Tristan Da Cunha Through The Eyes Of A Ten Year Old

The simple and happy life, on Tristan da Cunha, according to a 10 year old girl.



Over the past week on the James Clark Ross we have had the pleasure of looking after a family from the world’s most remote island, Tristan Da Cunha. Mum Dawn, Dad Robin and ten year old Amber Repetto joined us last Saturday as we left Tristan and headed for St. Helena. They will be staying on St. Helena for a short while before venturing over to Cape Town and finally England where their eldest daughter is currently studying.  Although trying not to bombard the family with questions about their unique lifestyle I did manage to get the scoop on what it’s like living and growing up on the island from the point of view of the lovely Amber whose intelligence and maturity blew me away throughout her time on board, and if that wasn’t enough just look at that face! So without further ado….

Hey Amber! Thanks so much for…

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