The tale of Midhir and Etain

Audio recital just over six minutes

An extract from the book by John O’Donoghue, ‘Walking in Wonder’s and specifically the section ‘ Absence’ – the ancient Celtic tale Midhir and Etain.

The Legend of Midhir and Étain pre-dates all of the other better known stories of ancient Irish heroes and great battles. The story is based mainly at the hill of Brí Leith in Ardagh but is also connected to the legendary sites of Uisneach, Tara and the ancient boglands of Corlea in Kenagh, Co Longford. Its association to the Tuatha De Dannan, the fairy people who once inhabited ancient Ireland, make this a magical tale which conjures up romantic notions of myth and mystery. It is also a story about the power of love, transformation and the overcoming of obstacles.


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