It’s okay, the darkness – Roberta

It’s okay, the darkness,
allow yourself that embrace.
For I never went out under a night sky,
my eyes to pick a constellation,
without it.
I never, or rarely, took a photograph
without the dark and yes,
the light.

The dark in multiple shades and hues,
It’s you.
And every time you reach for a coffee
without quite enough sugar,
every time the sun is too bright
and your eyes, they close a little,
that’s it.

Embrace, that part of you,
for it is,
and will always be thine demisphere.
That anger, rightful indignation,
passionate willfulness to not conform,
not even to that which you think you are
and especially, what others deem correct.

By all means share, vision;
share, daily.
It shows, passion, commitment, strength, mostly, fortitude.
But embrace, when you most need it,
that other half of the moon,
that you cannot see, this night.

And I never saw Venus
so clear
but in the darker parts
of this diminishing night,
pre dawn.

So many words,
but so few needed,
between day and night,
the darkness
and the light.

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