Pilgrims Decade – the dead reckoning – dreaming up characters

Assimilation of a new character:
“Prisoner of Consciousness
from a dream, 19/11/2018
The man in the dream may be described as a prisoner of conscious. He had a successful life, but also stood up for some sort of cause or belief the establishment, or state does not like.
Exactly in the dream I experienced his abduction, in which I ( he ) is pinned down, drugged and a canine tooth is extracted by some sort of dental technician in the employ of the state.
Possibly a replacement is implanted, but perhaps to include a tracking device.
Waking up in some sort of secure institution, or prison, to find many of the fellow inmates wheelchair-bound
( myself included, although this may be temporary ). Notwithstanding this somehow a minority of us contrive to find ways to effect access to some otherwise closed parts of the secure complex – presumably something desirable to be found there, or simply a change of scene. But it is not outright escape.
I propose that comes later, as part of the electronic catastrophe that befalls the world … but, springs our prisoner free, once the electronic security systems come down.

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