From the western sky this day – a prayer

You are not cast down,

even so, elevate

your fine receiving features,

crown heavenward.


For with me

and of me

the blessing from above

is how

I may touch you,

this day.


The drop I am,

stretched out,

resolved and solvent

across the corporeal parts

and receiving landscape

in this,

instant, of life.



in solitary reflection,

though not even that,

is needed.

Just be,

all joined waters,



Crown, splash,

firmaments connection.


Third Eye streams,



Throat, the tender greeting,

voiced, but only to you.


Heart, a gust off the foreshore,

that rhythmically deviates my track.


So intercept.

Solar Plexus, sun, spirit.



match and fall, unhurriedly towards.


Sacral, these watery blessings

we bring ourselves, together.


Root, going all the way down

the totality of greeting,


Brother, Sister bring

heavenly blessings earthed

in each,

finally grounded in you,

sustenance, my home.


Held in my drop

and those that follow,

many fruitful greetings

are remembered.

Given of my lips, silently,

in this ripening day of the year.


SoundCloud audio 3 minutes 45 seconds 3.5 Mb.









Photography: Jonathan O’Farrell

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