Shrinking Man, Changing Man

Author S. K. Nicholas


The nausea snakes its way up my oesophagus bringing with it a pain that clusters behind my eyes for several seconds temporarily turning me blind. Scurrying around in the dark, I try clawing my way to safety with no success. Dry retching as the foxes lick their lips, I dig my fingers into the soil and promptly puke. The bile that leaves my mouth is bright orange. It pools and shimmers beneath the moon. For a second, the pain recedes, and the slightest of breezes meets the beads of sweat that cling to my forehead. The relief is immeasurable. Rolling onto my back, I look up and take a deep breath before I’m thrown into a seizure. As my body shakes and fizzes, it’s as if I’m being electrocuted. Looking down, my vision clears enough for me to see my cock standing erect. Amidst the horror of it all, I…

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