Build diary – week ten, gotta lotta bottle

Michelle Spaul

With great pleasure, I am handing this blog over to Whistlewood volunteers. If you would like to contribute, you can write your own piece as Chris has or send me notes using the contact page or via Whistlewood

By Chris Gregson – 30th July to 4th August

This was it, the weekend of the great bottle floor installation which, with help from our wonderful army of volunteers, was almost finished in one day, unfortunately we ran out of sand so it will have to be completed next week.

In the meantime, the walkway canopy boarding was finished and the scaffolding was moved outwards to facilitate easier access to the roof.

Scaffolding ready to be removed Scaffolding ready to be removed

In preparation for ‘bottle day’ all of the inside walls were ‘trimmed’; the straw was ‘persuaded’ (hit with a big wooden mallet) straight where necessary, any holes or voids were stuffed with straw and the…

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