Life often demands quick reactions, results. Others who pay, want prompt results. Indeed I sometimes demand just that, of myself, but less so recently. For the gardening soul and core of me, deeply appreciates  time.

Much that is truly dearest to me and in my blessed long seeing eyes, worthwhile, asks and prompts me, simply, ‘ slow ‘.

Those who have matured, grown and healed, in their own time, understand. They know the fire, the urging embrace of spontaneity. That too, is very good and needed.

Abundance says, you can and should have both. Daily choices.

Be mindful with ripening intent, in all that you do today!

Much Love.

“ Wait, in the proceeding.
Contact is nigh.
Breathe in.
Slacken your grip on it.
Savour the moments,
before presentation. “

Novodrate Solstice ( part )

June 2017


Images: Saint Helena Island Info

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