Feel, the quiet crafting that’s in it

Feel, for what it is worth

and it is worthy, of a lot

and, what it is not;


it is not

and none

of these,

a ploy,

or game,

but yes,

oft a changer.


But it may have

and can again turn,

to play


and maybe

in that we

become attuned;


there is

certain joy in

the joining dance


both finally

putting to rest, grounding,

those lightening bolts, dalliances.


When done

that whirling

we take our rest



in furtherance

of oneness,

and daily, alliances


neither is it


but builds

to stratospheric

by taking turns

and being turned

on the lathe

of life.



and this

is also worthy

of a little;

will it not,

to a series

of traded moves,


and counting.


No, just cheque your assumptions

with each breath,

check, with each other.


Not war,

but yes,

some crafting.


Audio Recital (2 mins. 40 sec. – 2.5Mb. ).

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