Bring me

the eclipse

on a silver plate,


and a little more,


Beneath protective canopies

lie elemental findings

wrought simply.

Origins, from salt,

clay, phosphor, fire,

dry earths, herbs,


come, stillness

and breath.

A little beseeching

and movement

in moths and me

relational to,

those intentions

in letting go

that certain focus.

It’s not resting well always

in the thinking,

but trusting.

Just that

my work here

is nearly done,

so I will

give way

and give away,


Go to moon

this night fluid,


as to what

will come,

to be,


Always trusting

my elemental vision,

the kind red spirits

that follow

and guide

the way.

Shower me,

reign yourself not in,

long time coming

to this land

of oaths, dryness

and mirthless earths.

So, concluding

this closing act,

I kick up my heels

from repose

by an arching crescent

of five soft lights that hold,

my illustrious

loving gaze.

Knowing you,

never eclipsed,

shall be

a well presence,

in me,


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