Water and quicksands; exodus and extrication


Two times did I walk through chest high water. It was in some terracing, like rice paddy. Both times I had loads. But specifically the last time two stone tablets. The first time, although there were some people around, nobody seemed to notice my watery struggle. The second time a small group of friendly people came to help me out of the waters. Particualrly one younger woman smiled much, handed me a towel, gave me a wonderful kiss and said ‘I love you so much!’.

A following dream found me in a cave, but with openess to the outside and light. The ground of the cave was very soft. I was preparing the ground for something. Then I took a plant or tree sapling to one part in the middle of the cave floor. However there was a sinking feeling, quicksand. I panicked a little as it sucked me in, called out for help. Eventually I freed myself somehow and went out to my collegues to tell them ‘be careful in there, quicksand!

Time to seek higher, firmer ground and elavated missions?

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