Gau Mata



Gau Mata


Housemother, house, mother,

in thine devotions, to nurture, nature,

secure daily, the succour of this foregathering.

Gau, our fullness together, that we taste only truth.


Purity in our homes wherein

family, children, thrive.

Intent on eternal creation,

sour not our daily rhythm, flow.


The ready splash of milk

on cereal bowls.

That wake up sound, floats

and meatwagons …


Best beast, bringing us to solidarity, ringing in the changes

in our people, the questions

of your muted questions, our lies, lives.


Your eyes give life, to life.

Yet death in our sensitivity brings ends,

that cannot be undone,

by further asleep deeds of our unawakened mournings.


The steady, securing, of the pen without relent,

pulling of milk away, and awry falling.

Our beautiful creation,

come home, in our prayers.



2 thoughts on “Gau Mata

    1. My creative comrades, thank you. This poem was inspired by attending a devotional songs event at a Leicester Hindu temple to raise awareness of the the (sacred) cow and her calf, from an animal welfare perspective.


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