A Global Divergent Literary Collective – ‘ The Bellowing Arbour ‘ – Jonathan O’Farrell



How much power do you need,

to take from us?

Have we not heard already years,

half asleep, just awake, degraded humanity,

to hear?

Enough perhaps,

to hear the obvious,

our arms swirling.

Perhaps a groaning,

in another over-energetic cyclone.


Be neither comforted

nor distracted,

by thoughts of summer,

just elapsed.

For purring black felines

on your lap,

nor even the singing,

of domestic draughts,

through your cat flap

speak the language you need,

to hear.


Your arbour brothers

and their brides have,

in these shortening days,

hastening wet footings.

And as yet their arms be semi-clothed.

As such and sucking they stand vulnerable,

to that one time,

in how so many years,


Their time early,

too early?


Smote storm stricken betwixt,

the north and east seas.

Cat curled there around my bedding

and my lax hand around a cooling tea.


partners of thundering timbre,

into more of my unthinking time.

But for my brothers

and sisters reach,

oh reach

and bring onto them,

thy swirling beseeching.


Bash their brittle panes,

of protection.

And shriek,


Time is nigh,

civil sleepers.

Come now to the earthen floor,

and rotate all your minds.

Shift swiftly,

into healing embraces before all,

you think you know,

is taken back,


to ancient unyielding slime.

via The Bellowing Arbour – Jonathan O’Farrell

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