A journey into a snail shell

A journey into a snail shell


I was feeling a little stressed, somewhat weary, needed less talking.

Lighting a candle with some intent to meditate, at least breathe free, I rested back on the sofa.

So, as often before, breathe, focus, on the candle – some relief. Breathing ever more shallowly and then the two brown eyes closed, but not in sleep.

Very presently, transported – inwards, deep inside a semi luminescent snail shell, my dear teacher, quietly present, there.

The curvaceous, crenellated and yes, colourful interior bids me fall, rest back, for some short shared time. Audibly I exhale, deeply, succumb, that restful bliss, inward otherness, haven, in that dew soaked encasement.

My breathing, deep but oh so subdued. Outside that snail house the vigorous breeze arose and let it’s presence be felt, the occasional whispering waft from the entrance. But safe, held, in there we were oblivious, in those minutes, knowing peace.

A bright green blade of grass waves against the snail shell portal. In doing so, it semaphores a trinary message; sun, breathing, candle.

I bid you farewell, for now, smiling. I go back to my waiting body, there in that square room, but refreshed.

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