Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Sometimes, just sometimes
and let us say little,

It is,
very real, the feeling
of apartness.

It pushes,
and pulls, tugs,
at odd intervals, yes.

So, you remember
and yearn to understand,

where it all came from.

And yet, in doing,
it consoles, says you are,
not alone.

In that, sort of happy truth
and newness of knowing,
it helps, salves, sometimes.

You imagine and you can allow

that she too,
minds the gap.

Between you two and time,
space, continuum,
thrives life, the daily acts, worship.

And then, there is, blessed sleep,
that brings the next day,
a little closer.

Come you both in that shared truth,
of gentle care, holding back, too yearning.
We know, love, right?

In answer, we can tap that well.
Deep, it says to us,
passion, long.

When we come together
and we will care,
in more ways, even then.

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