Still Awake

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Still Awake

by Sudden Denouement

 Reblogged from S. K. Nicholas:

Click to visit the original postWords to summon, and words to forget. Words as way of apologies, and words to bridge the gap. Words for broken lovers, and words for lovers that still love even though love never seems enough . . .

” . . . These words, they reach out and touch your face while you sleep, and even though we don’t speak, each and every one is for you. Time passes and days fall. Time becomes fiction and fiction becomes truth. Down so many lonely roads, we still walk, hand in hand in search of the light. Down so many roads that have no name, we still seek each other out, and although we keep our secrets, such secrets the two of us know all too well. The desire not to be alone, and the desire to block things out. . . ”

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