Ludic learning moments


Ludic learning moments


Women get younger with slowness of lover’s touch.

But then by breathes, faster and faster they un-age within to without shame.

And they glow and grow contrary to what we might customarily have them be;

faithful, pure, sober, obedient, chaste and heretofore, chased.


In ages, times gone by, I might have had just one, or two moon transits

to fellow travel, with that revealed, carefree woman.

Just then, in a precious moment, a playful smile shone girl-like, but before-wise.

All the universe’s light imbued loving truth, across her face.


Remember it well, man of shared earth, fire, wind and waters.

Take just the merest flicker, of this vision, into your innermost senses.

It will suffice, you daily refashion that love, forging with your own.

Implement and hold true, as sure as the sun rises,

even on that shortest, darkest day.


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