Airlock Garden

New poem:’ Airlock Garden ‘

– as often is the case, and my preferred source, poetry inspired, at least in part, by a lucid dream.

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Airlock Garden
This half awake,

halflife, garden.

Lit in dream-scape diffusion.

Find yourself,

half-life, again,

gaining little weight.

In fact my dear explorer

you loose ’cause,

it’s reduced gravity here.

Enjoy here,

this is the correct location

for re-creation, colleague.
Not many get to go beyond

lock in codes, retinal scans,

into the external airlock.

Packaged dead,

their be-suited mourners,

authorised maintenance personnel.


And, those others,

the moon-based Shamanic Healer,

be-robed, from the Chaplaincy.

Her, together with a host,

of true nomadic gardening faeries,

sowing their seed across the cosmos.

How light is a corvids’ feather,

in a void of zero?

Let’s gravitate towards, that question.

Art: Gabriel Hernández Waltavia tommorowandbeyond on Tumblr



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