Nicola Lyons – Twenty Eighteen

I want to love harder and hotter
than I ever have before,
and I want it to bend me in passion
until winter breaks into spring.
I want to find inspiration along roads
I have never thought to travel,
and I want to feel peace in the waters
I have never waded in.
I want to feel the pulse of cities
I have never set foot in,
and hear the stories of
strangers on a Wednesday afternoon.
I want to see beauty in eyes
that have never looked into mine,
and smell the colour
green on a rainforest floor.
I want to run faster than
my body has ever had to run,
and catch spring as she is
winking her way into summer.
I want to carry love in my hands
until they are overflowing
and place it in the hearts
I have broken before.
I want to climb
until I can climb no higher,
and feel summer give way
and surrender to fall.
I want to hear laughter and love
mixed with leaves crunching,
and I want to light fires
in our hearts to warm our winter souls.

© Nicole Lyons 2018

Twenty Eighteen

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