midwinter gardening

Inspired , as ever, by nature. Working in the present, but looking to the future.

Trees, roses, flowers planted or self set in the past, by the hand of nature, or people, that’s what you carry forwards, when you work to rediscover and invigorate a mature garden.

At first glance even the most unpromising plant can, with care, be given a chance to add a little of its unique gifts to your garden. Sometimes it’s obvious what you must cut away, sometimes not. But midwinter is as good a time as ever, without the distractions of the leaves and fresh growth of Spring.

Us gardeners; we work in the present, for future bounty and repose. But we also value past efforts, inspirations, and gifts loved forward into our everyday Eden. Let’s say a bit like the 2015 jam, with yesterday’s bread, for my breakfast, today.

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