self love

Is self love to be considered a ‘good’ selfishness, or something more evolved?

Certainly that question together with countless other pursuits for ‘ truths’ is what we seem to be good at – asking this of ourselves and our ‘significant others’. Why? Because we care, enough, to ask.

But beyond questions and talk; I suspect lesser numbers of us consistently live wholly at ease with ‘self love’ as a declared concept, much less embody it in our every daily action. Why? – another question! Consider, if you will, ‘ no (wo)man is an island’. Sit with it, awhile.

That said, sometimes you really need significant space, alone, to fully explore with yourself, just this – self love. How long and how much space, that’s up to you, not others, who might be a little to quick to label you ‘selfish’.

2 thoughts on “self love

  1. … agreed, and not.

    Good is relative.
    So is space.

    Indeed, no wo(m)an is and island. But we are in that we function within and ecosystem that could, should, (yet fails to) support healthy autonomy, as any other ‘island’.



    1. There are ways and some means to explore healthy, yet suitably connected, autonomy. None of this, as I’m sure you know, is without its, sometimes welcomed – sometimes not, challenge!


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