Weaving the Change

With intent we weave 
the change of love and protections.

We take what time we may have left,
in the presence of each other.
Subtly, the changes come.
What we have now, is good for now.

We have the connection.
We have the on button and off.
What to have then when we've weaved our way a little into the future?

Presence, intention, protections.
And the world outside,
at least for a time,
Should be stopped.
So that we can breathe, together and breathe in the silence,
after the world is stopped.

So then the change.
Aeroplanes quiet and before they reach the sky.
Signals quietened, before
and after.
So it's sacred time, of us
and our mode, togetherness.

That, could be the change.
We should talk about this.

Aho. Let it be.

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