Grant us …

Grant us rains,

only that nourish

and feed our love of; of what?

Seen and unseen seeds,

upwellings, urges and urgencies,

met in timely intent, faith and truth.

All we can be, all we can grasp.

Food, not fear, my dearest

in wholeness, in health.

for what we do not know,

but good tasting, fully

and together, around our table.

Feed our senses and sensibilities

and solidarities, manyfold.

Manifest between us vision

and a vision of each,

that does not waver,

but grows upright, strong and bold.

Not with age, loss, infirmity,

fashion or distractions

are we held.

We only have one pair of arms

and they to to, have their toil

loving work to exercise.

and loving work to exercise.

Not fearing for a future.

For, as I hold

and behold you each morn

I know that rain

and sun will come

under the arc of that day.

Return I do, at evening

to this living of a good life

that you show my heart

and that, to others

that honour our way.

Light and lightened, you are.

By the works of your mind,

your intellect, your fire, your heart.

Also, humbly but proud,

my hand in yours

and yours in mine,

The nurtured fire, of mine,

When those many things 

we cannot know now,

come to pass,

Grant us, all that we need, then.


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