Event Horizon and Still Point

Enfolded in my cool, green world

I meditate upon a tree stump,

upon my woolly hat.

Event Horizon then unexpectedly wings it’s way, personally,

from our nearest black hole,

a little way off, not quite vacant.

Not a cross word but a little smile

infuses my face.

Set it aside for now, with gratitude for later, for her.

On my return from inner space I present

the solved question with a kiss, a romantic observatory.

Even deeper again, particles of singularity, lips.

Drawn into this woman, mother of new creation.

Later, upon the still point gathered gracefully,

end of days,

end of time, the swan mirrors another moment of deep winter.

Let’s join, embrace the synthesis, your dark side, my light;

your illumination into my love of twilight. Everything,

in that moment drawn in, endeth The Rose, bringeth the Ice Hotel.

The spring and the union of all thereafer

advance in grace, gleeful derision and splendrous equaminity

to the end point of our lives.

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