Late night Rilke reading; thoughts and expressions

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“Wir wollen nicht wissen, warum
dieses und jenes meistert;
wirkliches Leben ist stumm,
nur, dass es uns begeistert,

macht uns mit ihm vertraut.”

” We are not to know why this and that masters us;
real life makes no reply
only that it enraptures us

makes us familiar with it. “

Rainer Maria Rilke

. . . The ‘ why ‘ or ‘ how ‘ of how love is with me, it matters less; it is just there, beside me, inside me and all around. It is revealed to us, in this time that we have fashioned, with care, out of equally precious and sacred Iives. In that, with innocence, me, you, we renew ourselves, daily. With deep gratitude and wonder.

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