The way without name

I am reminded even now, about organised religion and it’s associated hierarchies and rigidities to enlightenment . Also recall my many years of atheism. I can see why, not unreasonably, that seemed to be of sense and suffiency, at that time.

Over those decades of indoctrination, then rebellion, then apathy, followed by polemic passion …. something, a third way, a seed, was always with me, in me.
But I could not have recognised it then.

And yes, a few of you may have seen my turtle / tortoise that carries its gifts and burdens, but mostly good burdens, at its own unhurried pace, beside my life.

I may have been pulled one way and another. But now, my path, I emphasise it, my path, is true, to me. It has no name, little formal ritual. But you too may know, its ways are many, if we open our hearts to it. For now, I will choose a poem, by dear Mary Oliver, to give it voice.

Look, out there, beyond your windows – the utter, undeniable connectedness, the totality of it all. It also of course includes your inner space and mind too that should be tended. If I do have a ‘blind spot’ for anything, it is those dogmas that focus on just one aspect of being, to the exclusion or downgrading of other lifeforms and lifeforces. For me, at least (but it not a limiting belief); the humane but imperfect embrace, of all life as it is now.

Note well, n.b., our biome, the natural diversity, creation, home, is assaulted daily, on an unprecedented scale. What do you believe about that? How will you express your grief, anger, or action, here now? You may say there is nothing to be done, it is just fear, until …. until when; at what point of your evolution / enlightenment?

One thing at least, possibly more, that I do agree with in respect to my current hosts; daily practice and consistantly living, whatever path you choose, is key. It is all to easy to be distracted by the madness / numbness paradigm that seems to pervade.

Here’s that poem, by Mary, I promised you.

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