My unshakeable core

My unshakeable core

With any person, any person I am actually with, sharing energies, passions, commitment and meaningful presence: – a few words.

Authenticity, sincerity, above all else, truth, that’s what I must know and feel. Feel when I am with you and that is what I carry away, in my heart, when we need to be apart.

I am sustained by truth, it’s in me rock solid, from layers and layers of life and hard experiences – some of which, perhaps much, I bought on myself, painfully, by not embracing essential truth. 

More, I would say to you, do not protect me from your truthful stripped bare authenticity, need, fear or desire. I am vulnerable, sensitive, in my way – but not a child, or your surrogate child. I may be a little defficient in my visual acuity, but I can see body language and sense much else. I have discernment, to navigate, between words and actions.

If you cannot show me your truth in a situation, then do not present me with a sucking dummy, that you think will placate, smooth issues over. I don’t need your sweetened words, potentially, I have enough of those, poet! If you can’t do this for me, rejoice, you are free to go on your way, or ask me to leave your presence!

But let’s say and allow the possibility that in your heart you want to be the person I am actually with, sharing energies, passions, commitment and meaningful presence … Well then, in any such testing instance you have your breath, your practice, your guides, the trusted councel of others. You have time; true you don’t know, ultimately, how much. But you have the present and the land, the space, that is however blessed for you, either side of this present moment. So be free, take what space you need and then bring me, share with me, in all passion, a truth that enshrouds and nurtures us both.

Resilience, faith, strength and truth- seeking are in me and enshroud me with what I need, to face all life, all death and the glorious dance in between. Bring your gifts and let there be rejoicing in the fair and equal exchange.

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