Eros: Philia: Agape by Ocultosophia

Fuomo: That the sanctified bonds of Agape, Philia and Eros are a Triad like that emanating from the Monad, are all well-fit, proportioned well, yet beware the enemies, they will sow every seed of ruin the tetrahedron of the lovely lore, for jealous and vain eyes are scorching for the devastation of such spirited souls. They separate by small distrusts, quarrels, they plant seeds of envy and separation, they undermine our thoughts, silently ruining emotion, they can conjure every apparition, mishap and a lie, they separate from the Triad by putting wedges into whole until it is all ‘doesn’t matter, indifference, hate or ignore’, they attract some mongrels to both sides to test devotion of each other’s soul, they supplant it with lusts to these who are unaware, exploiting every ignorance, ruiner’s, so the master and mistress won’t ascend and in blame at worst as shadows veiled searching for each other in ruin and woe, prying gazing blinded eyes, at best separated and unaware.”

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