On Knowing quiet magnitude

How might I know, 


impart something, anything

and find 

it resonates, deeply?

Somehow, a soul knows,

without understanding.

 Those choices.

are nothing

 short of beautiful.

Some friends, a soul

I have never met

and short fellow traveller

cherish music, apiece.

That speaks of

and to, the four winds.

So I gather those,

directions turned chords,

loosening any ties

and dance around 

my heart ventricles.

Recall too, heard afore

winding along,

 headlands above a Tenerife vista.

I listen, the music

and see, more,


the magnitude 

of that healing sent.

As it goes, 

rose aura, 

imbueing a wet sky

it’s a perfect match

that needs not saying.

Emotion, tears, drops,

letting go

and receiving the repose

of an envisioned shoulder.

The music stops, 

you rest back, 


In my eyes 

and through others ears, 


It is done, 

this weaving of wonder

and humility of an intimate moment.

Penned in – let loose,

in rains

and releases,


a state of grace

that just knows

the way back 

to a sunnier future.

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