The yearned for discourse

Dear woman, dear man. There is a conversation I need to have, with you, face to face, bravely.

I can only have this conversation knowing that the person I sit with has my utmost trust, respect. That we will value, affirm and cherish, in each other the integrity of response given, by each.

This is a dialogue that may be held between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, men and women, any human. We’re all to be cherished, all can and do need to feel love and respect.

It is a discourse to be valued by close friends, family, tribe …. Particularly, would be lovers, partners and in a specific way, those healers, therapists and elders in the community. I should not forget to mention men’s and women’s groups. And yes, let us be especially brave, mixed womens and men’s gatherings.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is an intimate conversation about intimate affairs, sexual expression, bonding and health, physical, mental. Even dare I say it, the vitality of one’s soul. It demands courage, honesty and openness; but also boundaries of not only implied, but explicit confidentiality. For some, perhaps most, this may be a painfully arrived at communication. It may be short, may break you open, quite possibly shatter apart cherished assumptions, about how it is, between intimates. Thus, it may not be revisited, pushed back down, again, perpetuating less helpful cycles of resentments..

Do you know, I’m not sure at least in this piece I have much more to reveal. I’ve only had I think this out with one person in my life, fully. I am where I am, now, as a result and it’s painful, affirming and liberating – possibly in about equal parts.

Have a look at the associate tags for this post, they do give context, at least in my eyes. And be brave, step up to this challenge, if you feel personally moved! Comment, question, publically or direct. Or you may take something and fashion a piece of your own. Above all, it’s perhaps not so much the words, but the deeds that carry this forward for those who yearn, to manifest loving change, in their lives.

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