Four Seasons Passing – a prayer for four persons

Polly Higgins, Liying, Jeremy, me.
I give me thanks and prayers,
for Polly.
Just in this time of fervour, you
and others, because you have us all in mind,
even this, dire hour, of your life.
I set a candle aflame with intent 
in my eye of wishing well.
It's steady flame bent
in the prayers
and loving whispers
of many more who hold this time.
Know that in one years time
Polly, Liying, Jeremy and I 
will this ill passing.
But not that, which we might fear.
No, Polly, spring rejoicing birds
will be yours, your garden, this time around.
Others too, my prayer intends, healing miracles and embraces
hardly voiced as yet, less seen.
But know also, young 
and old lovers alike, one years passing, your heart will be at that high place
from where woe is cast down.

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