The shock of the new

If you walk and are the slightest bit curious, you see these things …

Royal East Street, Leicester, a name redolent of itself, contains this building. Swallowed by industry, the back end of a concrete, totalitarian multi-story car park. It is ‘blighted’. Likely it has ghosts, of a sort. Imagine, Orwells ‘1984’ – the fateful proletarian lovers escape there. A former ‘Place of God’, liminal space, outside the gaze of ‘Big Brother’.

Would it be the most courageous, foolhardy, rebellious act to redeem this building and what for? Or, as is usual, does the city constantly evolve and take, to itself, this historical dead end? And what fate, for the multi-story car park behind it, in let’s say thirty years time – redundant?

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