Life and Limb – (A Trilogy of Dream Times )

Once –

Two persons drowning,

that sea swam with me.

Big wave.

Walled in sea,

four walls

to which one

I had clung

as it crashed over me.

That wave torn tumult

got itself less

and find I

flailing around with my limbs,

or perhaps swimming in this saline bath;

hoping to touch one

of the two of the

missing, presumed drowned.

  • Oh, and all this,

others and between

some big red moon, eclipsed.


Girl on her mobile telephone,

distressed, runs

down the Underground tracks

after some love,

or critical life project

on that departing train.

We all worked together, mostly

to flag down

and slow the oncoming trains,

except the Argy Bargy men,

blocking my mission down the platform;

they, just louts

and knew no better.

Even the small girl

too, helped

but then,

for whatever reason,

or accident, cane down

on the tracks.

And I called out,

‘Don’t you get ploughed down too!’

She managed to ascend

back.up to the throng

of saving angels,

as they gesticulated wildly

for those dual headlights

to slow.


And later …

Inside an office environment,

but with decorative plants

they want a tidy, a pruning.

But what to do, secateurs?

For the plants appears plasticised

and might not take well

to traditional method.

A chap comes by

in manual work wear,

does not respond to my question.

But later, on reflection

sees the stupidity of the job

and at least acknowledges my ‘hallo’

with a gruff reply, shrug.

  • My sleeping, by definition,

eyes rubbed, it has seen, this and more these full nights.

  • More, there was, but more I care not to write, or cannot remember. Either way I need sleep and meditation, to unravel this tangle.

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