Rocks are Islands, are one

2 mins 56 secs

Each and every face

we see is its own


We are faced

and must face

up to this

fact of facet.

Even the most rugged

Impenetrable Island

has a place.

Beyond that facing,

off standing anchorage,

from which one

may land.

Thence to explore

that scaling from

that you may

hold in your hand,

a single stone,



To the extent of

beholding all,

summit, shore,

shelves, abyssal plains.

Then you feel, know,

the creation held

in you

and all you behold

or, can not see;

that there is nothing

held separate.

That connection is not

even that;

some would have it,

hold it

and keep two, or more,



it is love,

created indivisible.

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