Sunday Best: Your Smile

Prompt … Your Smile


Our Free Thought Thursday writing prompt this week was Insatiable. Every week we will share the top three responses to our prompt; taken from WordPress and Facebook.  Enjoy!


Your Smile – L. E.

I dream only ever

of your smile.

Your sweet lips,

curved unto Heaven.

Your golden gaze

the affirmation of joy.

I proudly wear the gift,

of your smile.

Your beautiful lips,

breathing love unto my neck.

Your loving arms,

the affirmation of home.

Moon-landing Ley-Lines – Jonathan O’Farrell

Of all the lights in all the cities, roads
and multitude villages I have passed,
there is one unknown,
so I thought.

Not so much unseen; its source followed, patiently.
Just, there, illuminating the long night trip,
as we scudded together
in one direction, or another.

So yes, the moon, I grant you,
that presence, there.
But times, over some shoulder of a hill.
Sometimes modest,
oft, in her…

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