Saturday Best: Wicked


Our Free Thought Thursday writing prompt this week was Wicked. Every week we will share the top three responses to our prompt; taken from WordPress and Facebook.  Enjoy!


Wicked – Joann Cohen 

Cold air

Bleak Sun

Dark clouds envelop my soul

My eyes sink

Down a crooked dark path

Can’t wake up

Can’t sleep

Stuck in twilight

Stuck with memories that won’t dissolve

New ones wilt

Burning wood to cook my wrath

 ice cubes to cool my tongue

My alter is built

I’m waiting on the dead to speak

JomillyArt 2018

Wickedness – Thomas Peace

Wickedness is indifference personified, a narrow, cold separation without the warmth of heart/caring; it depends upon limitation and isolation.

Can’t Sleep? – Jonathan O’Farrell

Cold feet, then dogs, 

and you. 

Now, just the moon

and a nightjar

and me.

But the moon, she

will have her way with you. 

Irresistible, pulling, 

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