Arisings, from a lunar meditation


A book that accompanies me into and out of days – along my particular pilgrim way is A Celtic Devotional ‘ by Caitlin Matthews. Thus I was prompted this Thursday evening by a specific lunar meditation, for that day of the phase.

‘ In the silence of this autumm evening, I give thanks and ask your help to consider this night’s mystery 

The tides of moon and sea.

From this arose the following. We all came from the stars and thence the waters, salt waters. We are mostly water, somewhat salty. We are of light and dark, electrical at our finest bodily networks; but also, connected with our moon magnetically. All this power, at every level, flows. It flows, from earth core, surging ways of the underworld, up through our bodies, chakras, out to the cosmos, by way of our closesest and surely dearest neighbour, the moon.

Back again, in that cyclic way the flows and the pulls are felt, daily, monthly, seasonally. You may stand by the ocean, under a full moon to feel this, but by no means is it essential. For, as a friend said to me recently, “I change (moods) daily with the weather”. It’s not just the weather my dear, you know that, I know that. Sure it makes a big difference and of course we all feel it, more or less. But it is only that part of the cosmic creation. Surely, it is that change and destruction, story retold, insessantly through the fibre and flow of our being. It is  wise to seek what steadying influences, meditation, stillness, as we may find.

Each day, each time, when you feel that change in you, gripping you, surging in – celebrate! Or at least inwardly know, for you alone, this is sacred. Often, you are not minded to share your every wave and trough with a wider world; praise be, that unspoken space to just be!

it could be that even those you might consider to be closest to can’t fully know, or experience, this mystery; that’s allright. Those that are ‘close’ will hold you, in one way or another, in arms, thoughts and prayers.

It may be for those close, that they do recieve, if only occasionally, a deep knowing of you. Perhaps this, in a moment of vulnerability, when waves are crashing all around, is essence? We can only hope they are mindful for that which they receive at these times of ebb and flow:

I give thanks for the gift of human vulnerability by which I am granted insight in to the souls of others: I give thanks for the experiences that have opened doors in my seperate nature, espeacially for the experience of  ….

Know at least inwardly, albeit it might not show outwardly to the world; that what you feel, your emotional state, is a mysterious miracle, each, and every time!


The shore of the grear Atlantic Ocean, County Mayo, Ireland.

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