The Mystery of a Smile

Author S. K. Nicholas


On the sidewalk with the moon on her shoulder, X dances to music she’s not sure is real or imagined. As those passing her by give strange looks, she shifts from one foot to the other clicking her fingers and shaking her hips, and as the curls of her hair bounce behind her, she kicks her feet against the ground before springing into the cold, autumn air. With next to no effort, she goes from drifter to star in the blink of an eye, floating so high in a sky that mirrors her heart, so full of mystery and beyond the grasp of those who try to call it their own. With the wind in her face, she spreads her arms and floats like a bird on the breeze, free of guilt and of regret. From way up high, the pain doesn’t seem so much of a big deal, and…

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