17596021_2252716351619657_8057323364139663360_nHear the Gregorian chant

Inuit, Viking, Sami

Circles of the globe

Pagan artifacts beneath snow

Vanquish now your uncertain fealty

If there is no forever how do we choose?

Crucifix or corn maiden

Behind lapsing trees

Long live the king, does up his fly, pissing on future

Embroidered metal

Outstretched blade

Burning the gods

In new Zealand the stone is green

Gaia grows weary and soon

What we called ours will be gone

Defiling sacred places we

Strive to be more than mortal

Shine a torch into the skies

Send a ship packed with explosives

Blow a flute, mountains will open

With wonder, open-mouthed children pass through

I gave up my child

To be a child with you

And you damned me

But you damned yourself too

Mythology can be real

If you start with truth

And a deadly outcome

For fools who dabble

defyingly blinded they will

Answer to…

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