Higher frequency

that purple beyond sight.

Tho turned over

that sees me,

clear Pilgrim,

under evenings parting,

clouds, more obviously

in that which I beheld,

those wings, this summer.

Journey starts

this season

where sun mirrors rain.

In that you draw

sprites, acorns and apples

and you may wish

for anything,

or peace, or both.

Little is wrapped, gifts needed less

for my eyes I have, they will show all joys I bring.

The tortoise, as the turtle just reaches,

there, in time, in trust, their repast and rewards.

Eat and store abundance, journeyer meets sojourner,

takes, just some, refreshment.

Mindful first, foretold

and so heed

that major message.

As castles and churches

old ramparts,

older barriers


torn by clawing nails

of destiny.

She says now,

she says less,

carry just what

you think you need

and less, again.

A gain is coming perhaps many

also drops for you,

as you loose

and gather anew.

Receive early, autumnal rains to remind,

one’s sunny blessings; but first, the way.

Audio Recital SoundCloud – 2 minutes 50 seconds

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