X Searches for the Perfect Spot

Author S. K. Nicholas


Towel drying her hair, she sticks her head out the window looking down at the cats on the street below. Meowing at her sudden appearance, they raise their paws making strange cat noises. Sounds like they’re saying hellowoowooowoowoowoo. Saying it back as if howling at the unseen moon- of which she can still faintly smell- she goes into the kitchen and grabs a bowl of pasta from the fridge before returning. Throwing out handfuls of the stuff to her feline friends, there’s a mad scramble as they fight among themselves for a taste of the good stuff. Smiling, she puts down the bowel and finds Herbie hiding beneath the pillows on her bed, no doubt spooked by the strange crying coming from outside. Picking him up, she kisses him on the nose then dances with him around the room. Wiggling his tail, she tickles his tummy then decides he’s…

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