X Sways

Author S. K. Nicholas


Like a pinball, she bounces from one market stall to the next. Like a girl in love with the world, she drinks the sunshine through a paper straw. With each passing minute, the town stirs to life. There are children on their school holidays darting around their parent’s feet causing mischief, and dogs on leads standing on their hind legs at the sight of hungry pigeons pecking the ground for crumbs. She would too if she could, but she tells herself such a thing wouldn’t be very ladylike, so like a pinball she keeps zigzagging her way through the sea of faces that suck on warm air while dabbing their brows with handkerchiefs and grotty tissues. She has her sights set on coffee and a slice of pie, but as she exits the market the sugary scent of donuts hit her like a wave, and in one swift move she…

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