Indigo Child – Roxi St. Clair

I have traveled from the shroud of atmosphere
beyond the cosmos, and beyond the reach
of human eyes as light spilled
from pulsing stars.

In a region as old as the universe
where cinders once were suns,
like a final star that flickers out,
death feeds life, and I, reborn.

From the moment I opened my eyes,
Earth heard my first piercing cry,
gasping for air to be humanized,
this new vehicle, I was defined.

In this skin that bound me to Earth
energy, movement, senses…
hogtied and stupefied,
I had been compartmentalized.

Into this flesh, I had to reorganize
my thoughts: What am I? Questions
blindside learning to connect
and objectify what it means
to be modified and

I felt a connection to the earth, air,
tide magnetized, mesmerized, electrified…
I tread this earth exposed, completely
incomplete with omniscient ignorance,
and omnipotently weak.

I’ve contributed my gifts of helplessness
and confusion to a world already mad,
disguised as passing for reality,
lunacy masquerading as wisdom.

I never understood the ways of this world
and wish to return from whence I came.

via Indigo Child

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