Entry into an upper world … maybe

Impressions: Woodland sounds seemed intensified (I was in a tent, camping in the forest – so strangely had intended to try the lower world). The drum beat transmuted into a staff on a rocky surface. At one point for around twenty or thirty seconds my knees and lower legs trembled (this has happened before). I might imagine this was how your legs feel when clambering sliding slightly off balance down a scree slope, like I may have done on La Gomera. But it could simply be entry, letting go, in to the realm experience. Finally after quite some time I simply found myself to be laying on my back. A circular ledge of light coloured rock, surrounding an ovoid natural bowl of much darker stone. The bowl (a dry pond, not quite big enough for a lake) had in the very middle of it a small amount of remaining water, shimmering brightly, reflecting the intense blue of the sky, but as a mirage.

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