Another Time

I am without.

Without boundaries

a blackbird shrills loud.


For I may

any day

or night

make love

in all

of you,

these beds

of my lover.


Verily they are

to be found

In these

current times

scattered to all

four winds,

sheets of rain

and of all

those elements.


One of those

see the quaternary tops

of our bed,

ploughs it’s way

through constellations

that caress too

our faces,

timeless hands.


And bodies

never rest

upon Orion’s Belt,

but stir

for another time,

as restless nebulii

spawn writhing cartwheels,


be our career

in love.


Seers see

in the early

morning flowers

and grass heads

that wave

to a fresh breeze.



winds draw

a tear

from eyes,


our matching dews

catch the same sun.


This enfolding

of all choruses.

I am within.


Audio ( 2 minutes 50,  2.6 Mb. )

Recorded under a half moon, on a quiet country lane, around midnight.




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