Discourse with Sweet Chestnuts


A poem arising from contemplation and meditation during a Sweet Chestnut picking foray in Estramadura, Spain.

Audio 4 minutes 2.2 Mb.

Talk to me.

I am open to hear.

That you might say

and feel,

your way into

what it could be,

nothing more.


Meantime I ask of me

and the Chestnuts

is my love

strong enough

upright, but supple.

Standing, quietly

without unnecessary fuss.


You are strong, for you.

You are able, to say no,

no and no,

in strength.

And also my quiet friends offer;

to say yes, yes

and yes.


For now, I breathe,

take this all encompassing

possibility in.

And after the melancholic moment passes,

look up and you are framed in trunks and dry leaves there,

mute, but there, for surety.


And now, back to picking

sweet chestnuts.


My 'recording studio', with Chestnuts, in the heart of England's National Forest at Battram.
My ‘recording studio’, with Chestnuts, in the heart of England’s National Forest at Battram.

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