Power At War With Love – Ward Clever

People who crave power cannot love. Love is the opposite of power. Power is control and dominance. Love is surrender and submission. Power is taking. Love is giving. Power is fear and oppression. Love is happiness and trust. Power demands unjustified loyalty, obedience and respect. Love demands nothing, and only politely requests that it be shared.

Don’t worry. Sharing love never diminishes it.


via Power At War With Love

3 thoughts on “Power At War With Love – Ward Clever

  1. I do not agree with these very simple statements. Maybe I do translate power into german in two different expressions, which would mean strengh on one side and suppression on the other end. Power by itself must not be negative. Love is above such games anyway. But you do need strengh, power sometimes, to hold your space, to face power !to do some actions in the name of love,…well, more differentiation.


    1. Okay … I think I get it, depending on what expressions you most disagree with. Yes, power is not an absolute negative always of course. Perhaps the author refers to vulnerability, although not actually using that word as such. Differentiation … of ( a type of ) love? I think the candle statement is somewhat beautiful in its simplicity.
      And ‘sharing love never diminishes it’ – well, one would hope so at least.

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    2. Read it again. Indeed you can find a counterpoint to nearly everything stated. You know, that’s not a bad thing if a writer can spark that response. Vive le différence of thought processes. Too much uniform thinking in this world, it’s dangerous.


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