” ignorant “

  1. ignorant
    adjective: ignorant
    1. 1.
      lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated
    synonyms: uneducatedunknowledgeableuntaught, unschooleduntutoreduntrainedilliterateunletteredunlearnedunreaduninformedunenlightened, . . .

    ” Ignorant “. . . And you know, the mystery in me might be; an empty, or nearly empty bowl, put before you …

A mirror, for your own perceived enlightenment. A new day, laid out before you, in which there lies the pregnant possibility of spontaneous rebirth. Taking a wild adventure, into what is the uknown near future of, yes, your ignorance my ignorance – our yet to be fully found, ignorance.

Behold, that unfolding into the grace and lightness of being.  It is ever so carelessly woven with a new found innocence, of discovery, adventure. Caring not for labels; caring not, just being me, you, free of it, free of all.



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